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Hello ,
I was born in Ankara in 1973. My family is registered in Çankırı population register.
I started my education life in Boğaziçi Primary School and then graduated from Üreğil Secondary School, Mehmet Rüştü Uzel Chemistry Vocational Technical High School and Atatürk University Faculty of Dentistry in 1997 and started my career by opening my first clinic in Kırkağaç district of Manisa.

We married my wife Enbiya Demir, who is also my colleague, in 1998, and two daughters were born, Beyza and Elif Ceyda. We have practiced our profession with my wife for years.

After the outbreak of full-time law Ssağlık Ministry of engüzel the olanfethiye my wife, we decided to settle in Turkey is the hometown of heaven and private Lokman I started to work as a physician to prescribe the founder of Craftsmen's Hospital.
Thinking that I would serve my patients better, I opened my own clinic again in the center of Fethiye in 2015, across the shopping center.

I continue to attend all the necessary trainings in order to apply more accurate treatment to my patients, with the thought that the education of a doctor continues throughout life, and the health sector is developing and constantly updating itself.

Treatments I apply in my clinic;
* Implantology,
* Advanced implant surgery
* Implant supported prosthesis construction
* Advanced laser-assisted implantology
* Embedded dental surgeries
* Smile design
* Lamina tooth making
* Inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide oxygen
* Early functional orthodontics
* Advanced fixed orthodontics
* Home dental care and treatment services

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