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Implants are designed to attach artificial teeth to the gum line for a secure fitnatural look.

Dental implants are today’s best alternative to natural teeth. They are made of the metal titanium and have a screw shape and specially treated surface. Titanium successfully fuses into the bone because osteoblasts grow on and into the rough surface of the implanted titanium. Over the next weeks and months the bone of the jaw forms an intimate bond with the implant which secures the implant in place. This is called osseointegration and is the basis of all dental implant surgery.Once integrated the implant can then form a stable and long-lasting foundation for the restoration of missing teeth in a variety of ways.

What types of Treatment are Available with Implants? dental implant

1.Single Tooth Replacement
2.Multiple Tooth (implant bridge)
3.Full Mouth Reconstruction
4.Implant Dentures
5.Convert regular dentures to implant dentures

Advantages of implant application:

2.provides maximum precision, strength and beauty,
3.patient comfort,
4.immediate function,
5.soft tissue integration
6.Eat what you want
7.Smile with confidence
8.Maintain healthy adjacent teeth

Implant-supported replacement teeth look , feel and function like natural teeth.
For patients dental implants provides comfort, convenience and confidence.
For dentists, patient satisfaction, enhanced reputation and more stimulation.
We can give you teeth that don’t move when you speak or chew!
It prevents bone deformation which is caused from missing teeth.

Placement of dental implants does involve minor surgery. All post-operative medication is provided to reduce inflammation-swelling and discomfort. Modern dental implants have been around for over 45 years. Research shows that the success rate for dental implants can be over 90%-this is one of the highest of any dental procedure

Implants require surgery, so patients must have healthy gums and sufficient bone structure in order to be candidates. In the procedure, an anchor is used to secure the implant. The anchor is then left in place so that bone may grow around it. Several visits are typically needed to complete the process

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