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In this system, instead of metal zirconium sub-structures are used. Zirconium is white and is able to resist high masticatory forces. Particularly in the rear area can be provided a complete aesthetic success.

Zirconium Crowns Old Fabric
In this system, zirconium is used as a building material instead of metal. Aesthetic dentistry that studies the basic requirements, robustness, and naturalness in tissue compatibility has been achieved so far has shown is the highest performance. Zirconium smart ceramics are as natural as all the treatments which are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Fully computer-aided technology, Zirconium Crowns Old Fabric manipulative skills, as a result of merging with the method. Special methods, formed from the clinic and the prepared tooth preparations in the laboratory with the help of a special device is read by laser scanning site. This information is transferred to the device forming a crown or bridge computer side işlenilir compartment.
Thus, zirconium oxide sub-structure is formed. Kaplanılır with special porcelain over this infrastructure. Thus, translucent (Neon effect), very durable, aesthetic, natural-looking crowns and bridges will be obtained. The biggest advantage of the system reaches a very high durability can also be used on bridges now finds ways to make porcelain.

All porcelain crowns and bridges due to the fragile nature of the porcelain coating to increase the robustness of infrastructure is necessary to use a substance as a hard and dayanklı. This substance is composed of an alloy of zirconium zirconium supported.

Where available?

• One dental crown restorations
• 3-6 members (up to the anatomical length is 38 mm.ye) bridges
• Over implant crown-bridge work

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